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摘要: 长三角国际医学中心总医院建筑设计及长三角国际医学中心详细城市设计方案征集公告Announcement ofSolicitingfor Architectural Design of Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center General Hospital and D ...


Announcement of Soliciting for Architectural Design of Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center General Hospital and Detailed Urban Design of Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center


I. Organization


Organizing units: State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government and Jiaxing Municipal Health Commission


Hosts: Jiaxing Jiashi Xingchuang Construction Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing Second Hospital


Technical Support: China Eco-City Academy City Chief Planner Team


Ⅱ. Background


(I) The National Strategic Responsibility of Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center


Health is an inevitable requirement for the promotion of all-round human development and a basic condition for economic and social development. In 2016, the "Healthy China" 2030 Planning Outline was released, and "Healthy China" became a national strategy. The Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and Government also regard "people's lives getting better and better" and "promoting the construction of healthy Jiaxing" as their top priorities. In order to fully implement the national "big health" strategy and promote the integrated development of health in the Yangtze River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center is ready to emerge. The Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center will be built as a model of the modern health and medical service system, a cradle of outstanding physicians and medical scientists, a highland of medical technology innovation and transformation and application, and a leader in the global new medical sciences and large-scale health industry. It will undertake the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critical diseases. , The training of high-level medical personnel, the transformation of high-level basic medical research and clinical research results, and the solution of major public health problems, etc., so as to promote healthy life, optimize health services, improve health protection, build a healthy environment, and develop the all-round development of the health industry Integrating top medical resources to form the "most advanced, smartest, and most ecological" international regional medical center in the new era of the Yangtze River Delta, achieving complementary advantages and regional synergy with Shanghai Hongqiao Medical Center, covering the area and radiating most of the country, Jiaxing It will also assume more national strategies and functions, and assume a more important role in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Belt.


(II) The Rise of the Jiaxing Second Hospital against the Backdrop of Relocation


Founded in 1895, the Jiaxing Second Hospital now stands as an upper first-class comprehensive hospital in Zhejiang Province with advanced technology, integrating functions including medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation and disease prevention and health care. Over the years, it has positively contributed to promoting the social and economic development of Jiaxing, ensuring and improving livelihood of the people in the city. With its main parcels moved to the east of Jiaxing and its superior geographical location, as the main hospital of the Regional Medical Center of Yangtze River Delta, it will introduce international first-class and domestic top-class medical resources, build an international, high-end and featured medical science highland to drive Jiaxings urban function upgrade, and get deeply engaged into the integrated innovation network of the massive health industry of the Yangtze River Delta.


IProject Location


Jiaxing is at the core of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. It is a 30-minute high-speed train journey to reach the four trillion-level cities of Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Ningbo, which cover a population of 70 million. It only takes one hour to drive to the surrounding four airports. Therefore it enjoys very convenient transportation location and has initially formed a three-dimensional transportation network system with access to railways, highways, waterways, sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation, and made use of high-quality resources to build the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center” that extends its presence across the country.


1 嘉兴区位示意图

Figure 1 Schematic Diagram of Jiaxing’s location


The Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center is located in Nanhu District, Jiaxing, in the east of Jiaxing City. Nanhu District is a key science and innovation node on the G60 Science and Technology Corridor. The subsequent transfer of Shanghais population and industry will become one of the important strategic platforms for connecting with the Shanghai Demonstration Zone. The Dongjiao Forest Park area adjacent to the north side of the medical center has high-quality landscape resources; the Xiangjiadang area in the north has been stationed in China Electronics Technology South Lake Research Institute, Nanhu Laboratory and other key scientific research institutions.



Figure 2 Location Schematic Diagram I of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center


Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center west adjacent to the East Gate Old Street area, north of the forest park, south and Pinghu Tong, the east side of the Third Ring East Road, through the tram and express road network to connect Jiaxing to Fengnan City, Jiaxing Station, Jiaxing High-speed Railway South Station and regional highway network.



Figure 3 Location Schematic Diagram II of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center Periphery Research Area


.Design Scope and Depth


1.Architectural design of the General Hospital of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center (approximately 294.49 mu)


In the first phase of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center, Jiaxing Second Hospital will be constructed as the general hospital of the medical center, playing the role of the core platform of the medical center. Architectural design of the Second Hospital of Jiaxing City (covering an area of ??approximately 294.49 mu, with a total construction area of ??approximately 451,000 square meters), including the conception, overall style, functional zoning, traffic organization, the relationship between the overall building and the surrounding environment, etc. At the same time, it pays attention to the collaborative design of building energy saving, building materials, water and electricity pipe network, etc. Under the condition of the same area, the specific scope can be adjusted according to the site design.


2. Detailed urban design of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center (approximately 1,000 mu)


Urban design for the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center (with an area of ??approximately 1,000 acres) has reached the depth of constructive detailed urban design. Taking into account the special needs of hospitals (centers) for the relevant shared supporting areas of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center, combined with the subject research, operation mode, functional organization, and spatial layout of the medical center, the research transformation center, tumor hospital, children's hospital and other specialized hospitals carry out overall urban design.


3. Research on areas around the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center (covering an area of about 4,718 mu)


In order to link the coordinated development of the city and the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center, support the functions and industries of the area through the medical center, with the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center as the core, give full play to its leading role in the area, and drive the surrounding areas The area has formed a whole industrial chain of "medicine, education, research, production, support, and service", realizing a leap in energy level of the area.


Peripheral research focuses on research, planning, and analysis, systematically considering the future development needs of the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center and the urban medical industry, conducting research on business formats and functional organization, and further clarifying the spatial organization and development model.



Figure 4 Schematic Diagram of Design Scope


V. Objective


Invited the top design team at home and abroad to participate in this collection, the Yangtze River Delta International Medical Center will become a model of modern health care system, the cradle of outstanding physicians and medical scientists, medical science and technology innovation and transformation applications of the Highlands, the global new medical and major health industry leader, to build an international level, quality services, integrated medical care, lean operation, group management of the integrated health care service system, in order to create a new medical system, the development of medical education, innovative health technology, Service Health China provides clinical support platform.

1. 规模化综合健康医疗体系

1. Large-scale comprehensive health care system


Based on national conditions and international standards, to meet the needs of the comprehensive medical service system, clinical medicine subject group, medical education system and scientific and technological innovation system as the goal, determine the adequate and necessary medical scale to support the world-class medical center. Facing the medical needs of the Yangtze River Delta region, the whole country, Asia and the world, planning and building medical service institutions covering various functional levels including national medical centers, regional medical centers and regional health and medical complexes, forming a foothold in the Yangtze River Delta, leading the country, and radiating The healthcare ecosystem at home and abroad.

2. 智慧化整合式区域分级诊疗系统

2. Intelligent integrated regional hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system


Combining the most advanced technology to create the most intelligent medical center, grafting big data, artificial intelligence, and Internet technology to empower the physical health and medical service system, and comprehensively improve the effectiveness, efficiency and patient experience of medical services. The general hospital and specialist hospitals provide comprehensive medical services for the treatment of acute and severe cases and the diagnosis and treatment of complex and intractable diseases for the region and at home and abroad, and vertically integrate rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, community hospitals, community health service centers, and infectious disease prevention and control centers in the region to build a cluster A regional integrated medical community that covers the entire population, the entire life, and all dimensions, and integrates prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, chronic disease care, and elderly care. The Internet + medical and artificial intelligence technologies are used to empower regional medical communities, so that the model of health care services can be reshaped, the process can be optimized, and the efficiency can be improved.

3. 优质高效的医疗服务品牌

3. High-quality and efficient medical service brand


With the purpose of maximizing the interests of patients, through scientific and precise medical treatment, improve health and medical service capabilities; through humanistic sincere service, improve patient satisfaction and medical experience; through enterprise-style lean management, achieve maximum cost-effectiveness Hospital operation and value medical care; this will build a high-quality, efficient, economical, and accessible modern health care service system, shape a well-known international medical brand at home and abroad, and become a base for high-level medical education and medical research.

4. 卓越的临床医学学科矩阵

4. Excellent clinical medicine disciplinematrix


Adopt the strategy of subject hierarchical management, establ

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